What We Do

What We Do

Transport fuels like petrol, diesel and jet fuel are the vital lubricant of the economy. Without them Australia would grind to a halt quickly because we carry only a couple of weeks of stocks. Half of the refineries we had a decade ago are now closed, limiting what we can do even if we had our own oil supply. Higher oil prices due to a long term tightening of the oil market will cause a deterioration in our balance of payments.

We can avoid all of those negative consequences of depletion of our own supplies by going to Coal-To-Liquids for Australia’s transport fuel security.

ACLA promotes the adoption of coal to liquids (CTL) to solve Australia’s liquid fuel security problem. At the same time this will boost the economy and drive regional development. Full adoption of CTL to replace the 90% shortfall in Australia liquid fuel production would create 500,000 jobs in Australia by keeping the money we pay for fuel in Australia.

We keep up to date with developments in Australia’s energy security and educate opinion leaders on the benefits of adopting CTL as soon as possible. For example, ACLA provided a submission to the recent Senate Inquiry into Australia’s transport energy resilience and sustainability and was invited to provide evidence at the public hearing in Melbourne on 9th April 2015.

ACLA also provides opinion pieces to magazines, newspapers and online journals. We are available to give lectures, speeches and presentations.